ACT Application

How To Apply For ACT Test

The Basics about Applying for ACT

The systematic method with which ACT has laid down their rules for applying or registering for the exam makes it quite simple for test takers all around the world to register for the test. The trick is to know your preferences well, with regard to the test center and test dates. Once you have this information, registering for the test will become easier. Most of you may know that registration is a vital part of completing the mandatory procedures, without which your application will not be considered by ACT administrators.

The test administrators have made easy accessibility options for the test takers. For example, the provision that the test takers outside the U.S. can apply through online transactions makes it quite an easy-to-follow registration process.

Note: Registration is a must since no walk-ins will be entertained on the test day, unless you are using the option of Standby testing. Even in Standby testing you will need to fill in the form for the same and admission is condition to the availability of seats.

More about ACT Registration

Quite simply, there are two ways to register for the test; online registration, register by mail.

4 steps for online registration

  1. Log onto the following website: Check the registration deadline. (registration deadlines open 4-5 weeks before the actual test dates)
  2. Create an ACT Student Web Account
  3. Pay fee via credit card
  4. Print admission ticket

There many reasons why thousands of test takers opt for the online registration mode. Apart from being the fastest method to complete your application, you will be able to see if your preferred test center has the vacancy to accommodate you. You will also be able to print your admission letter immediately once you have paid via a credit card.

Things to remember

  1. Online registration accepts only credit card payments.
  2. Provide accurate details: your name, address, user name and password in the ACT Student Web Account. This information is vital since you will need the web account to view your scores and score report. You may also require the web account to make changes in your registration details.
  3. While filling the online form, verify the test date and test center details. The webpage has the option to look for test center using 'city name' or 'name of province'. This will help you locate a test center close to your house.
  4. In locations outside U.S., U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico or Canada test takers must register online only.

4 steps for applying by mail

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Fill out the form: Requesting Individual Register-by-Mail Packet. (one test taker can avail of only one such form)
  3. Within 7-10 working days you will receive the Registration Package as well as the preparation guide for preparing for ACT.
  4. You need to send the filled-in application form to the address that will be mentioned in the form itself.

Things to remember

You can register by mail:

  1. If you are 13 years and younger.
  2. If you don't possess a credit card.
  3. If you are an individual student.

Additional Modes for Test Registration

Standby Testing

This is a special provision made by the test administrators to make the process of registering highly flexible. Although registering through Standby testing is an option, it is not added as a mode of registering since this has to be used only at discretion.

Things to remember

  1. You can opt for Standby testing only if you have registered but have missed a test date.
  2. You can opt for Standby testing only if you have registered but you want to change your test center
  3. Admission for testing through Standby is condition to vacancy at the test center, making Standby testing highly risky.
  4. Admission is through first-come-first-served basis.

For Standby testing:

  1. You will first need to create an ACT Student Web Account.
  2. Note down the ACT ID given to you.
  3. Print the Standby testing form.
  4. Arrive at least a couple of hours early at your preferred test center.

Note that all payments incurred on the test day will be billed to you at a later date.