About ACT Test

Importance of ACT Test

Almost all the colleges in the U.S and Canada consider your scores in the ACT test, which is a curriculum-based standardized exam, during their admissions process. However, other factors, such as the academic record and letters of recommendation are also considered. The ACT test evaluates your knowledge on what you have already studied in your high school courses in the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The ACT test is administered nationally in all the regions of the U.S, Canada and other countries in the months of February, April, June, October and December. The test is also available in the month of September in some places.

Sections of the ACT Test

The ACT test includes four sub-tests which are: English, Reading, Mathematics, Science and an optional Writing section test. The total time duration is three and a half hours for the first four sections, and half an hour for the Optional Writing section. You will be given a short break after the first four sections before taking the Optional Writing test. To know more details about ACT test sections, you can refer to the official website of ACT (http://www.act.org).

Question Types of the ACT Test

You must definitely know about ACT test question types before you start preparing for the test. The ACT test includes multiple-choice questions on what you have learned in the high school courses in the areas: English, Mathematics and Science, along with an optional essay question. You will be asked a total of 215 multiple-choice questions in the four subject tests. To know about the specific number of questions allotted to each section, visit the ACT official website (http://actstudent.org/faq/answers/numbquestions.html).

ACT English Test

The ACT English test includes multiple-choice questions related to the categories of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, strategy, organization, and style. The test evaluates your English usage skills through the questions on grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. The test also assesses your rhetorical skills in the English language through the questions on strategy, organization, and style. For more details about ACT test English section, go through the official website of ACT: http://actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/engcontent.html.

ACT Mathematics Test

The ACT Mathematics test comprises multiple-choice questions from six areas; namely elementary algebra, pre-algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, co-ordinate geometry and trigonometry. You can take this test easily if you have good knowledge of basic formulas and computational skills from those areas of mathematics that you have learned in your high school course. To get a clearer idea about ACT test Mathematics section, visit the official website of ACT: http://actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/mathcontent.html.

ACT Science Test

The ACT Science test covers multiple-choice questions based on the given scientific information related to Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth/space Sciences pertaining to the high school level. The scientific information can be given as graphs, tables, research summaries or conflicting viewpoints. This test assesses your analysis, reasoning, evaluation, problem solving and interpretation skills in the Science subject. To get more details about ACT test Science section, refer to the ACT website: http://actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/scicontent.html.

ACT Reading Test

The ACT Reading test includes multiple-choice questions based on four passages related to the topics on natural sciences, social studies, humanities and prose fiction. The test evaluates your reading comprehension skills that you would require for studying your college course materials. For further information about ACT test Reading section, visit the official website of the ACT: http://actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/readcontent.html.

Optional ACT Writing Test

The ACT Writing test that can be taken optionally along with the other sections of the ACT test requires you to write an essay in favor or against an issue specified in the essay question. This section of the ACT test measures your English language writing skills. The essay question is accompanied by two viewpoints on a given issue. The test takers are given the liberty to pick and elaborate either of the two given viewpoints or stick to their own personal opinion, in case it differs from the given options.

The information given above should definitely provide a good idea about ACT test sections and question types. To know the details of the scoring system, registration process and other information related to the ACT test, refer to the official website of the ACT: http://actstudent.org.

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