ACT Test

The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) and the SAT I are the two major college entrance standardization tests in the USA. The general development and the candidates capability to face academic challenges at college level are tested through the ACT test. This test is conducted six times a year. Only multiple-choice questions are asked. The ACT test scores predict how well a candidate performs in his college academics. The ACT test covers areas like

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Reading

Also a optional section of writing is present in this test. This section measures the short essay writing skills of a candidate.

Though the ACT test is based on high school curriculum is basically tests the students

  • thinking capabilities
  • analytical capabilities

Rather than just memorizing information the student must be able to figure out answers, think logically and draw conclusions. This is possible through the ACT test. The ACT test candidate be taken through the high school guidance office itself. A nominal fee has to be paid also. The scoring is on a range of 1-36. Any university admission is solely based on the ACT test scores. The ACT test has about 215 questions to be answered and these questions keep getting tougher as they go on. There is no negative marking for wrong answers so it is better the candidate answers all question.

The scores will be announced 4 to 7 weeks after the ACT test is conducted. Online viewing of scores is also possible on a payment of a small fee. The ACT test is a gateway to the candidates future education. Hence the candidate must take pains in preparing well for the same. Option of retake of test is possible if you feel the scores are low.

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