ACT Test Structure

The ACT lasts for about 2 hours and 55 minutes and consists of 4 parts. The four parts are English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Each section is evaluated on a score range from 1 to 36. Except the science module, all the other three modules have sub scores that are evaluated on a range of 1 to 18. The overall score or the composite score is calculated from the average taken from all the four modules. The optional writing section is evaluated on the range of 2 to 12. These scores do not affect the composite score in any way. The average good score is anything around 21. To get a 99% in the composite score the candidate has to come under the score range average of 30 or 31. Students who will be graduating in the year 2006 have received the highest ACT scores.

ACT English section

This section measures the written standard of the candidate and also checks on the rhetorical skills. It has five passages based on non- fictional prose. Each of these five passages has 15 questions. So totally this section caters 75 questions in all. The English section questions are divided into the following areas:

Punctuation: 10 questions
Basic Grammar and Usage: 12 questions
Sentence Structure: 18 questions
Strategy: 12 questions
Organization: 11 questions
Style: 12 questions

ACT Math Section

In the mathematics section all the mathematical skills that have been acquired by the student throughout his academic years till grade 12 are tested. Here is the breakdown of the questions.

Pre-Algebra: 14 questions
Elementary Algebra: 10 questions
Intermediate Algebra: 9 questions
Coordinate Geometry: 9 questions
Plane Geometry: 14 questions
Trigonometry: 4 questions

ACT Reading section

Comprehension reading skills are tested in this section. There are four passages out of which one is a fictional narrative. The other passages are based on discussions on topics belonging to different fields like humanities, natural sciences etc. The breakdown of questions is as follows:

Prose Fiction: 10 questions
Humanities: 10 questions
Natural Science: 10 questions
Social Science: 10 questions

ACT Science Section

This section evaluates the test-taker's understanding of psychoanalysis, judgment, interpretation, and problem-solving skills required in the natural sciences. The student should be thorough in subjects like Biology, Earth/Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics. The types of questions are as follows:

Data Representation: 15 questions
Research Summaries: 18 questions
Conflicting Viewpoints: 7 questions

ACT Writing Section (Optional)

This section measures the writing skills that were taught in the English sessions of high school and the composition courses that were taken by the student in the entry-level college studies.