ACT Score

The ACT scores can be viewed in advance online on a extra payment of $8. This viewing is much before the mailing of the official ACT scores. It is better to print a copy of the viewed ACT score for future reference. The ACT scores are available online for a period of 60 to 90 dates once it is published online. This facility is available only to candidates who have appeared for the ACT test within the US. For candidates who appear for the test outside US the online ACT score facility is not available. The ACT score processing will take a longer time to be published if there are any discrepancies like

  • Incomplete registrations
  • Lack of fee amount
  • Standby test takers

The ACT scoring for the writing section takes a longer time than the other sections. After 20 days of the ACT test the ACT scores for the multiple choice questions will be published. It takes about 30 to 45 days from the reports to be published. Only the composite ACT scores, inclusive of the writing section scores are processed, they will be mailed to the candidates. There is no way that a candidate can speed up the ACT scoring process. The facility of knowing the scores through telephone, email and fax is not possible.

Usually the ACT scores are not delayed without any valid reason. They are delayed only based on genuine reasons like

  • Standby students
  • Incomplete information
  • Discrepancy in identification process on the test day
  • Late arrival of answer sheets
  • Lack of funds- incomplete test fee

The high schools of the registering candidates will receive the ACT scores as soon as they are published. In case the high school has not responded to the candidate then the candidate can contact the Director of Counseling or you can request your counselor to contact the High School Help Line (319-337-1320), for assistance. The candidates name and Social Security number will be kept in mind to search for the lost ACT scores.

A candidate can request for look up of archived ACT scores on payment of $15 towards retrieval fee charges. There will be no refund of this fee even if the ACT scores are not located. The candidate has to use his Credit Card to make this payment. The enquiry can be made through telephone at 319/337-1313 or a written letter to

ACT Records
P.O. Box 451
Iowa City, IA 52243-0451

Fee for regular reporting of the ACT scores the fee is $8 for each report. For priority reporting, $13 per report has to be paid. A payment of $15 for each report has to be paid for archiving the reports. A non-refundable fee of $15 has to be paid for retrieving the ACT scores for each search. For phone retrieves a non-refundable payment of $10 has to be paid.

ACT scoring pattern

  • Each correct answer gets one point each
  • No negative marking for wrong answering
  • The point scores are converted to scale scores.
  • The composite score range is 1-36. 1 being the lowest and 36 the highest.
  • The sub-scores are marked on a range of 1-18. These do not affect the composite scores.

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