ACT Prep Course

How to Choose an ACT Prep Course

There are various types of ACT prep course available. You have to choose the ACT prep course that is most appropriate for you. One cannot choose the most suitable ACT prep course without carrying out self evaluation. Self evaluation is the most effective way to identify your weaknesses and strengths with respect to the skills being tested by ACT. Self evaluation can be done by taking an initial ACT practice test which is an important step in your ACT prep. Avoid jumping into enrolling for an ACT prep course without taking an initial ACT practice test. The results of this initial practice test will help you in identifying the subject areas you need to improve upon in order to do well in ACT. You will also be able to gauge the time taken by you to complete the different test sections. You will have to work upon improving your time management skills if you find that you fell short of time while taking the practice test. Internet is a good source of ACT practice tests available for free or for a nominal cost. You should go in for an ACT prep course that concentrates on those subject areas that need improvement. Choose an ACT prep course that consists of a battery of practice tests if you need to hone your time management skills.

You study habits is another important factor that plays a decisive role in choosing the most suitable ACT prep course. If you are not comfortable studying in a group then attending a full fledged ACT classroom course might not be the best option for you. If you like to study in a small group or alone and if you need personalized attention from a tutor then attending small group tutoring classes or private tutoring would be the best form of ACT prep course for you.

Advantages of Attending an ACT Prep Course

There are numerous advantages of attending an ACT prep course. You get valuable guidance from experts and your teachers motivate and train you for doing well in ACT. The entire ACT study plan is worked out and it progresses as per the schedule. You learn a lot from the mistakes that you commit as your teachers will teach you how to avoid repeating them in the future. You also tend to learn a lot by discussing with the other students who are attending the same ACT prep course.

Disadvantages of Attending an ACT Prep Course

The most significant disadvantage of attending an ACT prep course is that there is a high cost involved. There are a number of good self-study methods available and they can be effectively utilized instead of attending an ACT prep course. Some classroom courses have a high number of students and the teacher cannot give personalized attention to each student. In certain prep courses, the study materials being utilized are of a poor quality. There is a possibility that some test prep institutes could have employed inexperienced teachers.

How to Identify a Good ACT Prep Course

It is evident that a good ACT prep course is one which boasts of the advantages associated with ACT prep courses but has none of the disadvantages that are associated with ACT prep courses. If you enroll for a good ACT prep course, make sure that you make the best use of the study materials and the guidance that has been provided by the ACT prep course.

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