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5 Sources of Study for Accuplacer

Students often suffer from this notion that because the Accuplacer is based on topics that they have studied during their high-school, it is not necessary to study separately for it. You should not fall victim to this misconception and study for Accuplacer, if you want to have a successful college career. In order to help you study for Accuplacer, the following section of this article will discuss some of the common sources for preparing for the test.

Some Accuplacer Study Sources

The Accuplacer is organized by a non-profit institution called the CollegeBoard. This examination will help you, as well as the admissions authorities of the colleges you apply to, to analyze the subjects that you are strong and weak in. Based on your Accuplacer scores you will be able to evaluate the subjects in which you require remedial classes. However, before you take the test you must study for Accuplacer very well, so that the evaluation is done correctly. Some of the sources for studying for Accuplacer are as follows:

  1. Study guides: Since the questions in the Accuplacer are designed keeping in mind your high-school curriculum, you can consider preparing for the test on your own. For that you will need to purchase good Accuplacer study guides. Ensure that the books from which you study for Accuplacer provides equal importance to all the parts of the test. The guides should come with CD ROMs, which simulate test like conditions, so that you understand the exact nature of a computer adaptive examination. An Accuplacer study guide that has all of these features can prove to be a good source of study for Accuplacer.

  2. Online practice tests: Another method to study for Accuplacer, which has gained popularity amongst students, is the 'online practice tests'. There are a number of websites that provide modules of practice tests with questions very similar to the actual examination. For example, if you want to study for the Elementary Algebra segment of the examination, then all you need to do is log on to a website that has a set of practice tests on Elementary Algebra and start solving the questions. However, some of these websites may ask you to pay some registration fees in order to access their database of question papers. If you are keen on practicing from paid websites, ensure that you have checked out the authenticity of the website, before you make the payment.

  3. Online courses: Your study for Accuplacer may become simpler if you enroll in an online course. However, this source of Accuplacer study is ideal for students who are not confident enough to prepare for the test on their own. Thus, if you are unsure about preparing for the test on your own, you can consider enrolling in an online course offered by an authentic website or institute. Ensure that this particular source of Accuplacer study has a large catalog of practice modules, a good online library and dedicated tutors who are ready to help you with your preparation. The course materials provided by the online course, which you enroll in, must cover all the topics for each segments of the test.

  4. Classroom course: Most of the colleges hold classes to help students of the 11th or 12th grade to study for Accuplacer. If you feel that you require proper class room sessions in order to prepare for the test, then you can get in touch with your local college and enquire about such courses. This source of study for Accuplacer is ideal for students in their junior or sophomore years, because they have sufficient time in hand to prepare for the examination. Moreover, this source is quite authentic, since it is organized and held within a college campus.

  5. Personal tutor: This source of study for Accuplacer is best suited for students who require personal attention. If you are weak in a particular subject and require extra help then you can consider hiring a tutor. Since a personal tutor will not be distracted by other students, a scenario that might occur in a classroom session, you can be assured that his/her attention will be on you alone. You should consider this source of study, only if you feel that personal attention is essential for you to ace the test.

The above-mentioned list explains in details some of the common sources for studying for Accuplacer. If you want to know about some of the study materials for Accuplacer then the following section will help you gain an insight into it.

Some Accuplacer Study Materials

Students who want to do self-study must have access to good study materials. Let us read further to understand the some of the better known Accuplacer study materials:

  • Accuplacer study guides: There are a number of books available in the market, which will help you study for Accuplacer. Some of them are Bob Miller's Math for the Accuplacer, ACCUPLACER, the Complete Study Guide by Test Soup and ACCUPLACER Exam Practice: ACCUPLACER Practice Test & Review for the ACCUPLACER Exam. The unique feature of these books is that not only can you buy a hardcopy of these books, but they are also available in an e-book format. So if you want to access the kindle version of these books, all you will need to do is pay the money and you will be able to download them immediately.

  • Online tests: As mentioned in the previous section of in this article, you can prepare for the Accuplacer by solving 'online practice tests'. However, it is better if you can solve actual Accuplacer questions. In other words, if you can gain access to questions that have previously appeared in the Accuplacer, then you will gain first-hand knowledge of the nature of the questions that are asked in the examination. If you want to access such questions then click on the following link:

The above-mentioned list will help you further with your study for Accuplacer, by suggesting some of the better known study materials. Go through these materials and also the various methods to study for Accuplacer. After you have understood the methods by which you can study for the test, choose the one that meets most of your requirements.

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