Online Assistance for ACCUPLACER Test

The ACCUPLACER test is administered for those students who are seeking admission for college-level courses. By taking this test, which is carried out by College Board, the test takers are able to prove their competence in Reading, Writing and Mathematics; moreover, it allows the academic advisors and counselors to choose suitable courses for the students based on their proficiencies. Besides the knowledge and expertise on the subjects that are tested in this exam, the academic performances of the candidates along with their aims and interests in studies are also considered while determining appropriate courses for them.

In fact, the scores of ACCUPLACER test also allow the authorities to estimate the abilities and the restrictions of the candidates with respect to the subjects of this test. Therefore, if a student lacks in sufficient skills in a specific subject of ACCUPLACER, he/she can take assistance from the online interactive aids for support.

The preparation for ACCUPLACER is a vital aspect that each student or applicant of this test must remember before taking this exam. Although, the choice of study materials depends on the preference of the students, online ACCUPLACER test is extremely popular because the final test is computer-adaptive in nature. Therefore, taking online tests measures the readiness of the students in a suitable manner and also strengthens their level of preparation and enhances their confidence alongside.

Taking an online ACCUPLACER test is useful for the applicants of this test, but the students must also confirm the authenticity of the online assistance that is being availed by them. It is undoubtedly true that practice tests are the best methods of preparation for any exam and it is applicable to ACCUPLCER, as well. Accordingly, an online ACCUPLACER test creates a similar ambience as that of the actual test day. Therefore, taking the online tests at different stages of preparation shows the improvement of skills from the beginning and allows the students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, an online ACCUPLACER test provides an excellent opportunity to the test takers for improving their skills with each performance. The following points mention some of online resources that are used to boost the preparations for this test:

What are the sections of this test? Let us enhance our knowledge from the points that are mentioned below:

  • Arithmetic: There are 17 questions in this section and evaluates the basic skills of arithmetic and ability to find solutions to problems that are based on the fundamental concepts of this subject.

  • Reading Comprehension: There are 20 questions in this section for evaluating the reading skills of the students.

  • Sentence Skills: This section consists of 20 questions for measuring the knowledge of the students about an accurate sentence structure.

  • College-Level Mathematics: The concept of college-level mathematics can be determined by 20 questions that are asked in this section of ACCUPLACER test.

  • Elementary Algebra: This section of ACCUPLACER evaluates the fundamental knowledge concepts for performing basic algebraic operations.

  • ESL- Sentence Meaning: There are 20 questions in this section that measures the ability of the students to understand the meaning of the English sentences.

  • ESL- Reading Skills: In this section, there are 20 questions that evaluate the reading abilities of the students through comprehension passages.

  • ESL - Language Use: There are 20 questions in this test for measuring the skills of the students for using perfect grammar.

  • ESL- Listening: This section intends to assess the listening abilities of the students from other speakers in different locations.

  • Writer Placer or Essay Writing

The test takers are required to answer multiple-choice questions in all these sections except for Writer Placer or the essay writing task. As far as the duration of ACCUPLACER test is concerned, there are no restrictions imposed on the candidates for taking this test. There are no passing scores declared for the students who take this test. However, their performances are significant as it leads to the choice of subjects in college that are preferred by them.

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