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What Math Skills are Tested on Accuplacer?

Comprehensive knowledge of various topics of Mathematics is essential, if you want to complete your college studies successfully. Moreover, even if you major in Art subjects like, English, Philosophy etc. you will still need to have a working knowledge of Mathematics. Math Accuplacer evaluates your knowledge of the said subject, so that you can understand whether you are prepared to embark on a college career or require remedial classes in Mathematics. So let us learn more about math Accuplacer, in order to prepare for the test...

What are the Abilities Evaluated in Math Accuplacer?

Understanding the nature of any examination is essential in order to prepare well for it and math Accuplacer is no exception to this rule. The topics, on which Mathematical problems for the Accuplacer will be formulated, are as follows:

  • Arithmetic: In this segment of math Accuplacer you will have to solve questions on numbers (whole and imaginary), fractions, decimals, ratio, proportion and percentages. You will have to apply simple Arithmetical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in order to solve the problems. This segment of the Accuplacer will examine your concept of the basic theories governing Arithmetical problems. For example, concepts like factorization, finding the LCM or HCF of numbers will be tested through these Arithmetical problems.

  • Elementary Algebra: In this part of the Accuplacer you will have to apply concepts of Algebraic formulas in order to solve the problems. Other than that, you will also have to solve questions involving linear or simultaneous equations, in-equalities, matrices and word problems. However, the primary objective of this segment of the examination is to evaluate your basic knowledge of Algebra. So you must revise all the formulas that you have studied during 7th and 8th grades, if you want to fare well in the test. In order to ace the test, you must also study the correct application of such formulas. The Accuplacer Mathematics problems are formulated not only to examine your knowledge of Algebraic formulas, but also how well you can apply them.

  • College-level-math: This segment of math Accuplacer is more advanced than the other parts of the test. Here you will have to solve questions involving Algebraic equations, in-equalities, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, permutation combination and probability. You will also have to solve problems like finding a particular digit in a sequence of numbers, where you will have to apply formulas like:

    xn = a + d(n-1), where

    • 'x' is the number which you have to find
    • 'a' is the first number in the sequence,
    • 'd' is the common difference between two consecutive numbers in the sequence
    • 'n' is the position of the digit

Hence, if you want to ace this part of the examination you should study topics covered under advanced Mathematics, especially those that were a part of your high school (11th and 12th grades) curriculum.

The above-mentioned list provides an in-depth analysis of the topics that you need to study for math Accuplacer. If you want more information of about Accuplacer Mathematics then click on the following link:

Some other details that you need to know about the test have been discussed in the following section of this article.

What More do I Need to Know?

Your notions about math Accuplacer will be incomplete without a thorough knowledge of the question paper format. Some of the essential elements of the Mathematics section of Accuplacer are as follows:

  • Number of questions: For each of the 3 parts of the math Accuplacer you will have to answer different number of questions. For the Arithmetic segment of the test you will have to solve 17 questions, for Elementary Algebra you will have to solve 12 questions and for College-level-math you will have to solve 20 questions. Since the examination is not timed, you can take as much time required for solving all 49 questions correctly.

  • Scoring: Like all the other sections of the examination, this segment of the Accuplacer also comprises multiple-choice questions. There are no negative markings for wrong answers and no pass or fail scores. Nevertheless, you must take the test seriously so that your Mathematical prowess can be evaluated correctly.

From the above-mentioned list you will be able to understand the important features of math Accuplacer. You must also assess the topics, which you will need to study, in order to succeed in the examination. After that, prepare for the examination in an organized manner, so that you study all topics covered under this segment of the test.

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