Math Accuplacer Test

Math Accuplacer Test- a Brief Overview

Basic knowledge of Mathematics is essential, in order to successfully complete your college career. Hence, study for the math Accuplacer test seriously, so that your admission application receives its due consideration. Now you must be wondering, 'what is the math Accuplacer test?' Let us answer this question together...

Outline of the Accuplacer Mathematics Examination

The Mathematics segment of the Accuplacer will evaluate your high-school knowledge of the subject. Thus, while preparing for the math Accuplacer test, ensure that you revise all that you have studied through grades 7 to 12. Other than that, some other features of the test are as follows:

  • Question paper format and syllabus: The math Accuplacer test comprises 3 parts, which are as follows:

    • Arithmetic: In this sub-section you will have to solve 17multiple-choice questions. These problems will cover topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions as well as decimals. This sub-section will also evaluate your knowledge of ratio, proportion, percentages and simple problems of Geometry.

    • Elementary Algebra: In this sub-segment of math Accuplacer you will have to solve 12 problems. These problems will evaluate your knowledge of basic Algebraic formulas and how well you can apply them. Some of the questions will also cover topics like, equations (linear, simultaneous and quadratic), in-equalities and factorization.

    • College-level-math: This sub-section of the test consists of 20 questions. These questions will deal with topics under advanced Algebra. Hence, you will have to solve questions involving complex numbers, matrices, permutations, combinations and pre-Calculus. You will also have to solve questions on Co-ordinate Geometry and Trigonometry in this part of the test.

  • Type of questions: In all the three sub-sections of the math Accuplacer test, you will have to solve simple Mathematical questions as well as word problems. Although, the topics covered under math Accuplacer are a part of your high-school curriculum, yet the questions will be quite complicated and detailed. So it is a good idea to practice and revise the more difficult problems of high-school math.

  • Scoring system: There are no pass/fail marks for the entire Accuplacer examination and the same rule applies to the Mathematics section as well. Moreover, because there is no negative marking for a wrong answer, you should try to answer all the questions in the math Accuplacer test. The CollegeBoard (organizers of the Accuplacer test) awards a score for the Mathematics segment and a percentile rank corresponding to this score.

  • Duration of the test: The Accuplacer is not a timed examination and hence, there is no fixed time limit for the math Accuplacer. However, you should not take more than 2 minutes to solve each question if you want to complete the examination within, say 90minutes.

The above-mentioned link will help you gain an insight into the nature of the Mathematics segment of the Accuplacer. You must now be wondering about preparing for the test. The following section will help you with it.

What More do I Need to Know About Accuplacer Math?

Preparing well for the math Accuplacer test is essential, so that you can take the examination competently. The first step towards it is to have a thorough knowledge of exactly which topics will be covered in the test. If you want to know about the topics then click on the following link:

The next thing that you need to do is practice, because that alone will ensure that you are prepared to face the challenges of the examination. Moreover, practice will get you acquainted with a multiple-choice computer adaptive examination, which is the very nature of the entire Accuplacer test. The following link will help you practice for the test:

The afore-mentioned links will help you gain further insight into the math Accuplacer question paper. Moreover, these are links to the official website and hence, you can be assured of the authenticity of the question. Solve these sample questions and you will see that you are able to take the test in a confident manner.

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