Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER

What is the Purpose of Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER?

The ACCUPLACER is an assessment test that measures the skills and abilities of the students through the subjects that are tested in this exam. While the results of this test allow the academic advisors and counselors of colleges to choose suitable courses for the test takers, they serve another purpose, as well. The scores of this test are used to find out the areas of strength and weakness of each candidate with respect to the subjects of ACCUPLACER. In fact, those students, who are weak or require additional support or assistance in the ACCUPLACER test subjects, are entitled to obtain the same through interactive online aids.

Besides the test subjects, ACCUPLACER also takes into account the consistency of academic performance of each student, their goals and interest in studies for assessing the competence of the students and facilitating their admission in college-level courses.

There are ten sections of ACCUPLACER in which there are multiple-choice questions that are to be answered by the students except for the essay writing section, in which there is a writing task for the students.

The contents of Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER are divided into three parts that are included in the following points:

  • Operations related to Rational Numbers and Integers: The topics of this portion comprises of calculation with integers and negative rational, using absolute values and ordering.

  • Finding solutions for Inequalities, Equations and Word Problems: The topics of this portion of Elementary Algebra section in ACCUPLACER are those that require the students to find solutions for linear equation and inequalities, verbal problems in algebraic perspective such as geometric reasoning and graphing, quadratic equations by factoring and translating written phrases into algebraic expressions.

  • Operations related to Algebraic Expressions: In this portion of Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER, the topics consist of addition and subtraction of polynomials and monomials, simplification of algebraic fractions, evaluations of positive rational roots and exponents, factoring, and evaluation of simple formulae and expressions.

As far as Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER test is concerned, it is one of the sections of this test consisting of 12 questions. What is the purpose of this test in ACCUPLACER? Let us analyze the objective of this exam in the following points:

  • The Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER test measures the ability of the students for performing basic algebraic operations. The questions in this test include problems that are related to fundamental concepts of algebra.

  • Since algebra is a basic component of mathematics, the scores of Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER demonstrate whether an applicant is suitable for basic-level or advanced courses of mathematics in college.

  • Those students, who are keen to take up college-level courses based on math, get an opportunity to prove their skills through this section of ACCUPLACER.

  • By taking this test, the candidates are able to sharpen their skills for attempting the other sections of ACCUPLACER such as College-level Math in which the algebraic operations consist of questions on topics such as simplification of rational algebraic operations, expanding polynomials, factoring and manipulating roots and exponents.

  • Having knowledge of Elementary Algebra helps the students in pursuing a rewarding career in Mathematics.

  • If a student is keen to pursue his/her academics in mathematics, taking Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER provides assistance when the scores are declared. For instance, if a student is unable to fare well in this section of ACCUPLACER, he/she can get further opportunities of training and support for better performance when the test is taken again.

When it comes to preparation for Elementary Algebra test in ACCUPLACER, the candidates should focus on practice questions as it allows them to analyze their knowledge in this section through various stages of preparation. In the following points a few online prep resources of Elementary Algebra are stated:

The Elementary Algebra ACCUPLACER exam prepares the candidates to choose those subjects in college that are based on math and preferred by them. In short, by answering this section of the test and excelling in it, allows them to feel confident for the fulfillment of their academic goals in college.

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