What Makes ACCUPLACER a Placement Test?

The CPT ACCUPLACER exam is conducted for enabling the test takers to pursue their college studies based on their skills and knowledge in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The scores of ACCUPLACER allow the admission authorities of different institutions to counsel the test takers for assisting them in choosing those courses that correspond with their skills and abilities.

What are the features of CPT ACCUPLACER test? Let us discuss them at first:

  • In CPT ACCUPLACER exam, students are allowed to take the test without following the restrictions of time. In other words there is no fixed time within which the test is to be taken.

  • No passing scores are declared for the test takers of ACCUPLACER. While the aspirants of this test can take the exam without worrying about passing or failing, it is necessary for them to gear up with comprehensive preparation for delivering good performances in ACCUPLACER test.

  • The system of evaluation in ACCUPLACER is extremely fair and accurate that eliminates the possibility of making mistakes while choosing a career.

  • There are ten sections in CPT ACCUPLACER test in which the candidates have to answer multiple-choice questions except for one section called Write Placer or essay writing section.

What are the subjects that are tested in ACCUPLACES exam? The following points include the sections of this test:

  • Reading Comprehension: In this section, there are 20 questions that are based on the ability of the test takers to exhibit their reading skills.

  • Sentence Skills: The knowledge of students about the structure of a sentence is demonstrated by 20 questions in this section of CPT ACCUPLACER test.

  • Arithmetic: Along with measuring the skill level of the students about the basic concepts of mathematics, this section also evaluates the fundamental skills of arithmetic through 17 questions.

  • College-Math: In this section, the understanding of the students about the mathematics pertaining to college standards is tested. There are 20 questions to be answered in this section of ACCUPLACER test.

  • Elementary Algebra: For this section, the basic abilities of the students for performing algebraic operations are tested on the basis of 12 questions that are to be answered by them.

  • ESL - Sentence Meaning: The skills of the students for assessing the meaning of English Sentences are tested in this section on the basis of 20 questions.

  • ESL - Reading Skills: In this section, there are 20 questions that measure the reading abilities of the students through short comprehension passages.

  • ESL - Listening: There are 20 questions in this section of CPT ACCUPLACER test that evaluates the listening skills of the students in varied locations.

  • ESL - Language Use: There are 20 questions in this section that measures the knowledge of grammar of the test takers.

  • Write Placer or essay writing

The ACCUPLACER is essentially referred to as a placement test, but what are the criteria that make it a placement test? Let us note the reasons in the following points:

  • The CPT ACCUPLACER test is considered as a placement exam because the scores of this test determine the courses in which the test takers can be placed. The counselors and advisors of institutions analyze the scores of the test takers before identifying their skills levels and knowledge of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • Thereafter, the ACCUPLACER test is an exam that measures the competencies of the students in the most appropriate manner. The method of testing the skills of candidates is completely fair and precise. Therefore, students are placed only in those courses that are at par with their academic performances.

  • One of the major reasons for which CPT ACCUPLACER is known as a placement test is that the test takers get an opportunity to continue with their college education in the fields that are chosen by them in association with the admission authorities.

The CPT ACCUPLACER test offers an opportunity to the educational institutions for placing students by addressing their requirements and evaluating their skills and abilities.

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