College Accuplacer Test

3 Reasons Why Colleges Prefer College Accuplacer Test

When you take the Accuplacer examination, it is essential for you to understand the perspective of the colleges. It is important that you understand why colleges insist that students take the Accuplacer examination before submitting their admissions applications. The following section of this article will help you gain a different insight into the college Accuplacer test.

Why Colleges Prefer Students Who have Taken the Accuplacer Test?

The college Accuplacer test is organized by the CollegeBoard (a non-profit organization) to help students analyze their prowess, primarily in, Mathematics and English. Then why do premier schools of the USA prefer the college Accuplacer test? Let us answer this question together...

  1. Correct evaluation of the student's profile: Colleges claim that the Accuplacer examination scores provide an accurate evaluation of a candidate's expertise in two of the most important subjects, viz. English and Mathematics. Moreover, most college administrators and teachers feel that students have to have comprehensive knowledge of these two subjects, in order to complete their college career successfully. The college Accuplacer test helps colleges analyze the competence of the applicants by stressing only on these two subjects and ruling out other branches of study in the examination.

  2. Extensive score card: The score card of the college Accuplacer test provides details of the performance of the applicants, by providing separate scores for the 2 segments of the test and their sub-segments, as well. For example, the English section of the test comprises 3 parts, which are: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills and WritePlacer (Written Essay). When you receive the score card you will find that you have received an overall score and percentile rank, based on your performance on all three sub-sections of the test. You will also receive a score and a corresponding percentile rank for each of the sub-sections. This will help college authorities to decide the exact type of remedial classes you might require.

  3. No waiting period: The college Accuplacer test is a computer based examination and hence, the results are declared the moment the examination is over. This ensures that the colleges do not have to wait to receive the scores of the candidates. The colleges authorities can now counsel the students at the earliest and help them decide the subjects that they require remedial classes in.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand the perspective of the colleges and why they give so much importance to the college Accuplacer test. The following section of the article will help you gain an insight into the examination itself.

College Accuplacer Test Simplified...

The Accuplacer will primarily test your knowledge of Mathematics and English. The Mathematics segment of the college Accuplacer test comprises of 3 parts, viz. Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra and College-level-math. For the Arithmetic and Algebra sub-segments, you should revise all that you have studied under math from grade 7th to 10th. For College-level-math, you will have to study pre-Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry etc. In other words, it will cover topics that were a part of your 11th and 12th grade math curriculum.

The Mathematics segment of the Accuplacer is a computer adaptive examination and it consists of multiple-choice questions. There is no fixed time limit to solve the problems and no negative marking for a wrong answer.

The English section of the college Accuplacer test also comprises of 3 parts. The first part, i.e. Reading Comprehension comprises 20 small passages, each followed by a question. The questions will require you to draw the correct inferences based on the limited amount of information provided in the passages. The second part, which is Sentence Skills, also consists of 20 questions. These statements will have structural errors in them, which you have to identify and re-write the sentences correctly. Both of these sub-segments comprise of multiple-choice questions.

The final part of the English section is WritePlacer and in this sub-segment you will have to write one or two essays, based on the prompt or prompts given. Ensure that you write coherent and logical essay/essays. This is the only part of the college Accuplacer test, which is timed.

Once you have understood why colleges provide so much importance to the Accuplacer examination, you will feel all the more motivated to prepare for the test. Other than that, the knowledge of the nature of the examination will also prove to be invaluable when you begin preparing for the test.

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