Accuplacer Testing Locations

How to Select Accuplacer Testing Locations?

For any test, choosing a good test center is almost as crucial as preparing for the test itself and this rule applies to the Accuplacer as well. While choosing Accuplacer testing locations there are a number of points that you must take into consideration, in order to ensure that you are able to take the test without any hitch. Let us try to understand the Accuplacer testing locations selection criteria...

Points to Remember While Choosing Accuplacer Testing Locations

The Accuplacer is held throughout the year, all over the USA and hence, choosing test center should not be very difficult. However, while selecting Accuplacer testing locations there are some points that you must take into account and they are:

  • Where can I take the examination? The Accuplacer is held within all college campuses of the USA. Hence, there will be Accuplacer testing locations in your neighborhood. All you need to do is get in touch with the college authorities of the campuses near your residence and then choose one that is most convenient to you. If you are interested to study in a particular college (in your neighborhood), then you should contact the admission authority of that college regarding the Accuplacer test date and time. Usually, the Accuplacer is held on all working days, but the timings are decided by the admissions authorities. So you will need to find out the exact time for the test from the concerned authorities.

  • What if I want to study in a college outside my state of residence? The Accuplacer is a placement examination that all prospective college students have to take. Thus, even if you want to study in a college that is outside your residential state, you will still have to take the Accuplacer examination. However, some colleges accept candidates who have taken the test in their local college campuses. In case the college that you want to apply to does not allow that, then you will have to travel to the college of your choice and take the test there. In order to co-ordinate your travel plans and test timings, you will have to get in touch with the admissions authority of the college you want to apply to.

  • What if I cannot take the test in my local college? If for some reason, personal or otherwise, you are unable to take the test in your local college, you can consider taking the test under the supervision of a proctor. However, these kinds of remote Accuplacer testing locations can be set only with the prior permission of the colleges. For example, if you have a particular college in mind, but cannot take the test within its campus ground, you can request the college authorities to get in touch with a college in your neighborhood. Your local college will then make arrangements for a proctor to supervise and oversee your examination.

Once you understand the points that you must take into consideration while choosing Accuplacer testing locations, you must proceed with selecting one. The following section of the article will help you in this regard.

Choose an Accuplacer Test Center...

The best way to choose Accuplacer test locations is to make a list of the colleges in your neighborhood and the timings, as to when, each of them holds the test. Normally, you can take the test any time during the working hours of the college. All you will have to do pay the registration fees (which are decided by individual colleges) and show an identity proof, in order to take the examination.

For example, if you are living in Maine and want to take the test in the Southern Maine Community College then click on the following link:

Similarly, students of Tarrant County can take the test in Tarrant County College by clicking on the following link:

Candidates who are residents of Texas can consider taking the test in South Texas College, by clicking on the following link:

Thus, understanding your options regarding Accuplacer testing locations is essential before you select one. Ensure that the test center provides disability support, in case you need any. Choose a test center only after you have considered all points regarding your location and the location of the college you want to study in, as discussed in the afore-mentioned section of this article. There is sufficient flexibility regarding choosing Accuplacer testing locations and hence choosing one should not be very difficult.

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