Accuplacer Test Scores

Importance of Accuplacer Test Scores

The Accuplacer examination is a placement test, which will help you analyze the subjects that you should major in, when you begin your college career. Moreover, the Accuplacer test scores are also used by the college admission authorities to evaluate the subjects that you require to take remedial classes in. Thus, achieving good Accuplacer test scores is of paramount importance for any prospective college student. If you are a like-minded student then you must understand the importance of the Accuplacer test scores, before you even begin preparing for the test. Let us do so together...

Why are Accuplacer Test Scores Important?

The Accuplacer test scores are significant for both students and college admissions authorities and the causes for their importance are as follows:

  • Importance of Accuplacer scores - for students: If you want to have a successful college career, then you must choose your major subjects wisely. The Accuplacer test scores will help you identify them by assisting you to analyze the subjects that you are strong in. For example, if you have higher scores in the Mathematics section of the test, in comparison to English, then you should major in a branch of Mathematics or a subject that requires greater application of math. English or Arts subjects are not your forte! Thus, by helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses, the Accuplacer test scores will help you evaluate your prowess in the two major branches of study, viz. English and Mathematics.

  • Importance of Accuplacer scores - for colleges: Basic knowledge of Mathematics and English is essential, irrespective of whether you want to major in a Science or an Arts subject. Hence, it is essential for a college admission authority to evaluate the knowledge of English and Mathematics, of each and every applicant. The Accuplacer test scores help the college authorities in this regard and consequently help them to counsel students, with respect to remedial classes.

  • Importance of the percentile ranks: The Accuplacer score card consists of percentile ranks and these ranks are calculated by comparing your performance with that of other candidates, who have taken a similar test. This will help you as well as the college admission authorities understand your knowledge of English and Mathematics, in comparison to other students. Moreover, this will also help CollegeBoard analyze the overall performance of the student body.

  • Accuplacer is a proficiency test: Another important thing to remember about the Accuplacer is that it is a skill test. It is significant, because it is a correct analysis of your competence level in 2 of the most important branches of study. Since the Accuplacer does not test your academic knowledge of other subjects, but only English and Mathematics, the Accuplacer test scores are comprehensive, to the point, and a correct evaluation of your expertise in these two subjects.

Once you have understood the importance of the Accuplacer test scores, you must also know how to make inferences based on them.

Interpretation of Accuplacer Scores

Being able to interpret your Accuplacer scores is essential, if you want to understand its importance. The Accuplacer score card will provide the scores for the 2 major segments of the test, viz. English and Mathematics as well as separate scores for the sub-segments of each of these two sections. Along with these scores you will also receive a percentile rank. The score for the WritePlacer (Written Essay) section is provided separately. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer.

There are no pass or fail scores, because the Accuplacer is primarily a proficiency test. The Accuplacer test scores will indicate your strengths and weaknesses. There are a total of 120 questions that need to be answered in the examination. The exact interpretation of scores depends largely on the colleges that you apply to.

Since the Accuplacer is a computer-based examination, you will receive your scores the moment you complete the examination. This is helpful, because the college that you apply to can counsel you regarding remedial classes at the earliest.

It is essential that you understand the importance of the Accuplacer test scores well before you begin preparing for the test. The list in the previous section on this article will help you with this and then learn how to interpret your scores. You will find this helpful, because now you can evaluate your performance on your own.

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