The Mathematics Section of ACCUPLACER

What is the Significance of ACCUPLACER Math Test?

The ACCUPLACER test prepares the students for facing the challenges of college education and enable the academic counselors and advisors of colleges to find a suitable course for them. It is a computer-adaptive exam where candidates will be tested in English, Essay Writing and Mathematics. Test takers need to score well in all of them for pursuing their college education in their chosen fields.

In short, it is an assessment test that intends to measure the proficiency of the test takers and its results allow the authorities to provide support and assistance to the candidates based on their abilities and limitations through interactive online aids.

As far as the Math section of the ACCUPLACER is concerned, the following points sum up the significance of this section of the test:

  • There are three categories of Maths that include Arithmetic, College-Level Math and Elementary Algebra. While in the Arithmetic Section, the students need to prove their skills in fundamental operations of Arithmetic, the second category or College-Level Math focuses on the concepts or problems of mathematics that are related to the standard of college. In the Elementary Algebra section, test takers should answer basic problems of algebra.

  • The ACCUPLACER Math is a section through which the students get an opportunity to prove their skills in basic and college-level math.

  • Obtaining good scores in this subject enables the academic counselors and advisors of colleges to select appropriate courses for the students that are based on mathematics. Thus, one will be able to pursue a course (where a good Maths score is important and required) that he/she chooses to if he/she can score high in this section.

  • Mathematics is the base or foundation of numerous courses and those who can score high in this section will be able to choose from the various courses that they are eligible to pursue. 

  • Taking the ACCUPLACER Math test is not difficult as the level of questions is based on the skills of the students. For instance, if a test taker is unable to answer a specific question, the next question becomes automatically easier than the previous one. On the other hand, those students who can answer difficult questions with ease have to attempt more difficult questions as the test progresses. Thus, the exam follows an unconventional pattern for measuring the actual skills and abilities of the candidates. In other words, the evaluation of the test is completely fair in nature.

In order to perform well in this section, the candidates need to familiarize themselves with the features of the ACCUPLACER Math test and these are summed up in the following points:

  • The Arithmetic section of ACCUPLACER test consists of 17 multiple-choice questions that are based on Whole numbers and Fractions, Decimals and Percentages along with problem solving and applications of Arithmetic.

  • The College-Level math of comprises of 20 multiple-choice questions and deals with Algebraic Operations, Coordinate Geometry, Solutions of equations and inequalities, Functions and Trigonometry and Algebra & their applications.

  • Similarly, in Elementary Algebra section includes problems are related to integers and whole numbers.

  • When it comes to the duration of this test, there are no restrictions or time constraints. Moreover, no passing scores are applicable for any of the portions ofMathematics section or any other section of the ACCUPLACER.

The ACCUPLACER Math is one of the most comprehensive sections of this exam as it includes three portions of varied nature. Therefore, the students must excel in this section for the fulfillment of their academic goals by pursuing their academic interests through appropriate college-level courses.