Centers for Taking the ACCUPLACER

ACCUPLACER Test Centers to Avoid

If you are planning to undertake a college-level course that will help in building your career, you will find that the ACCUPLACER test is made necessary by most of the educational institutions in the United States. When it comes to this test, proper preparation is a must. After all, the more you understand the test the better it will be for you. You may also want to find out more information about the selection of the test centers. If you are wondering about where you can take this exam, then you need to know that you can schedule for an exam in the campus of the college that you wish to enrol in. You do not have to go to another testing site for the examination. More information regarding this can be obtained by visiting the office of the college that you are planning to apply for a course in. They will fill you in about all that you need to know about the testing location for this test.

Test Centers to Avoid

There are test centers that you should avoid and if you would like to find out more on this, read the following points:

  • You can take this exam in the campus of your college or in any other educational institution offering this facility. However, if the college that wish to study in is located in another town or city, it is recommended that you take the exam in the testing sites that are located near you so that you will not have to travel so far. Of course, you should first find out if your college will accept the scores of this test taken in another test center. If your college is located in the same city or town where you are living in, it is best you take the exam there instead of going to another test center for this purpose. After all, why should you take the exam elsewhere when you can take the test directly in your college?

  • If the test center that you are thinking of going to has given you a late date or a date that does not suit you, you should avoid this testing site and go to another test location. After all, if you have a deadline to meet for the admission process then you cannot waste time at all.

  • If you only need to take a test on a particular section but the testing location that you have visited does not offer that particular test, then you should look for another testing site.

Keep in Mind...

You can always visit the college that you wish to enrol in and find out more details about the ACCUPLACER exam there. They will be able to offer you more accurate information about this test that is relevant to the college. Some links to thetest centers in the United States that you can visit are, and