Sentence Skills Questions in ACCUPLACER

ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills-a Brief Overview

Prospective college students must have sound knowledge of the English language, because the medium of instruction in any college of the USA is English. The CollegeBoard assess a candidate's knowledge of English grammar and sentence structure through the the Sentence-skills sub-section or sub-segment. The following section of this article will help students gain an insight into this sub-section.

Outlining the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Questions

This sub-section is a part of the English section of the test. The various features of this sub-segment are as follows:

  • Type and number of questions: This sub-segment comprises of 20 multiple-choice questions. These questions are of two types, the first being statements with structural errors in them. You will have to find these errors and correct the statements accordingly. The second type of questions will require you to identify the relationship between two statements. You will then have to re-write these statements, based on the instructions given.

  • Duration of the test: The entire ACCUPLACER is not a timed examination and hence, there is no fixed time limit to solve the sentence skills questions.

  • Scoring system: The CollegeBoard provides a separate score for this sub-section. Along with this score, CollegeBoard also provides a percentile rank, taking into account the performance of other students taking a similar examination.

The above-mentioned list will help you understand certain basic points about this sub-segment. However, if you want a better understanding of this sub-section of ACCUPLACER, then check out the link and sample question discussed in the following section of this article.

Gain Firsthand Knowledge of the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Questions

A sample ACCUPLACER sentence skills question...

Re-write the sentence according to the instructions given, taking care not leave out any information or alter the meaning of the statement.

Historians have attempted to equate Nazism and Fascism in order to uphold the qualities of Capitalism.

Re-write the sentence by beginning it with 'The qualities of Capitalism have been...

  1. upheld by historians.
  2. upheld by historians by equating Nazism to Fascism.
  3. attributed by historians by comparing Nazism and Fascism.
  4. created by the equating of Nazism and Fascism.

Correct answer: 2

Answering strategy

The given statement develops a notion that historians were able to endorse the qualities of Capitalism by drawing similarities between Nazism and Fascism. When re-written, the sentence constructed using option (B) is able to develop this notion completely making it the right answer option. Option (A) is incorrect because it leaves out information, by not mentioning either Nazism or Fascism. Statement (C) and (D) alter the meaning of the original statement completely and hence, cannot be the right answer options.

The afore-mentioned sample question and the subsequent answering strategy will not only provide an insight into the type of questions that you will come across, but also help you analyze, how to solve such a question. Nevertheless, you need to practice solving many more such questions, so that you are well prepared for the test. The following link, to the practice questions available in the official website, will help you develop a greater understanding of the sub-section:

Guide to Help You with Your Preparation

Other than solving the practice questions available in the official website, you will also need to follow a study guide, to ensure that your preparation is complete. One of the better known guides for this sub-segment is ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Study Guide: Sample Q&A to help you pass the test. This book provides not only a number of practice questions, but also an exhaustive answer section elaborately explaining the correct answers. The author also develops strategies to help you identify the errors in the statements quickly. In other words, he will teach you how to solve the questions in this sub-section of the test competently. Moreover, the publisher also sells a kindle version of this book for students who want a read it online.

Preparation is paramount for success in this sub-section. So go through the list that provides an overview of the test and study the sample question closely to gain an understanding of the examination. Finally, follow the instructions provided in the guide and you will find that you are ready to take the test.