How to Select a Review Book for ACCUPLACER?

The ACCUPLACER is an exam that measures the proficiency of those students who are keen to pursue their college studies. With the help of the scores that are obtained by the students in this test, the academic counselors and advisors get an opportunity to choose the courses that are suitable for the candidates and correspond with their skills and abilities.

Thus, ACCUPLACER sets the stage for a career for every student in their chosen subjects. However, there are no pass/fail scores that are declared in the results although each student should perform reasonably well in the subjects for pursuing their academic interests. In fact, the scores of this test are not the only consideration for assisting the students with the choice of subjects, the consistency of academic performances along with the goals and interest of the students in academics also determine the opportunities that they are likely to get while choosing college-level courses.

An ACCUPLACER review book plays an important role for all those students who are preparing for this test. The purpose of a review book is to help the students know about the exam secrets so that they should not waste time and work on those areas that would allow them to get success. How to select a review book for ACCUPLACER? Let us analyze them in the following points:

  • The quality of the contents must be good and it should be recent and updated in an ACCUPLACER review book.

  • A review book for ACCUPLACER should ideally include the questions that have been asked during the recent tests such as those of last two years along with answer explanations.

  • The publishers of an ACCUPLACER review book should be authentic and credible and the students must choose those publishers who have been in this business for years.

  • Consulting the students who have taken ACCUPLACER during the previous years allows the students to find out about those review books that are appropriate and useful.

  • There are several reviews about ACCUPLACER review books that are available on the internet and the aspirants of this test must find time to explore them with patience before investing in these books.

  • Besides the questions of previous years, the ACCUPLACER review books should also contain tips and tricks for obtaining success in this exam. Additionally, these books should also contain successful strategies for better performances in ACCUPLACER.

  • The contents in ACCUPLACER review books must be based on research carried out by experts so that the test takers are able to get the assistance that they require. In other words, the review books should not include mere copied materials from the internet or other resources.

There are ten sections in ACCUPLACER test and the students have to answer multiple-choice questions in each section except for Writer Placer or the essay writing section. The math section in ACCUPLACER is comprehensive and vast as there three parts in which different areas of this subject are tested.

There are three sections of ACCUPLACER Math that include the following:

  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra
  • College-level Math

Therefore, it is clear that the students need to gear up their preparations through extensive practice that are available in ACCUPLACER review books and the online mock tests. What are the books that the students must consult while preparing for ACCUPLACER math? Let us consider a review of some of the books for the math section of this test:

  • Math for the ACCUPLACER by Bob Miller: This book consists of examples and exercises of mathematics along with a separate review section for the students. The pattern of this book is unique and unconventional that makes the learning process convenient and flexible. There are four practice tests for each section of ACCUPLACER Math test and successful tips and strategies for talking this test.

  • Elementary Algebra by Schaum's outlines: This is a book that consists of practice problems with full explanations, review of practice and applications in Elementary Algebra and the updated developments in this portion of mathematics.

  • ACCUPLACER- The Complete Study Guide by Alexander Hollis and John Walters: This is a book that covers all the sections of ACCUPLACER test and is considered as a popular ACCUPLACER review book for the students. It also contains test exercises for mathematics and techniques for obtaining high scores in this test.

ACCUPLACER is an assessment test for the students and the students must consolidate their preparation for this test by consulting appropriate study materials and ACCUPLACER review books for choosing their subjects for college studies.

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