Accuplacer Review Book

Different Types of Accuplacer Review Books

The Accuplacer is a placement test that is used by many colleges in the United States for the main purpose of deciding which students to choose for enrolment. If the college that you wish to take admission in has made it obligatory for you to take such an examination, then you need to make sure that you prepare for the same effectively so that you can score high in the test. When it comes to studying for this test, you will find that there are many options to choose from and one of the most popular alternatives is to use a guide book for this purpose. Since there are so many books that are available on this test, you need to know which ones are worth buying. How will you know which books are good? You can undertake research and find out the Accuplacer review book that many candidates have found to be useful and consider them for your preparation.

Types of Accuplacer Books

If you check the market for study materials on Accuplacer, you will find that there are primarily two types of books and these are:

  • Guide books: These are the kinds of books that will inform you about all the sections of the examination, viz. the Reading, Writing and Math sections. Since it is important that you know about all these sections in-depth, you will benefit when you get a guide book. It will also give you tips and suggestions on how you can work on the questions and score high in the test.

  • Books with sample questions: This is another type of Accuplacer review book that you can buy. As the name suggests, this is the kind of book where you will find sample questions and maybe some information about the examination. The main purpose of this test is to present you with practice tests that are similar to the actual test. When you practice on a regular basis, you will get a clear idea about the kind of questions that you can expect. Furthermore, you will also be able to acquaint yourself with the format and structure of the exam by using this type of book.

Review of Accuplacer Books

If you want to buy a good book to help you study for the test, you can read the reviews of the books mentioned below and then consider getting an option that you feel would be of help to you:

  • Accuplacer Test Success ( This is a book where you will find sample questions that you can take to help you prepare for the exam. You will find three complete practice exams included in this Accuplacer review book and each of them consists of 89 questions. The format of the exam is the same as the real test and you will find that this book also has answer explanations for each of the questions. If you want to score high in the test and you want to work on the practice exams, then this is one book that you can consider buying.

  • Bob Miller's Math for the Accuplacer ( If you are looking for a math Accuplacer review book to help you improve your mathematics skills, then this is one book that you can consider. It covers all the three parts of math that you will find in this exam: Arithmetic, College-level Math and Elementary Algebra. There are four practice tests on each of the math areas and this means that there are twelve practice exams in this book. You will also find tips and strategies to help you score high in mathematics in this book.

  • ACCUPLACER, the Complete Study Guide ( This book, published by TestSoup, is an option that you can consider if you are searching for a guide to help you prepare for the Accuplacer. It covers all the sections and you will find examples of questions with details to help you understand better. Packed with three hundred practice questions, you will be able to work on the sample questions to find out how well prepared you are for the exam.

To Conclude...

Buying the right Accuplacer review book is not a tough job if you know which guides are good and which ones are not. You can consider the books mentioned above and if you find that any other book/books meets/meet your needs and requirements, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

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