Accuplacer Pre-test

Why should You take an Accuplacer Pre-test?

'The Accuplacer is a college placement test'; this statement is true, but it does not shed much light onto the nature of the examination or what is the examination is regarding. However, before you take the Accuplacer you should consider appearing for an Accuplacer pre-test to understand the nature of the examination. Moreover, an Accuplacer pre-test will also provide you with the practice, which is absolutely essential to ace the test. The following section of this article will help you understand the importance of and the constituents of a typical Accuplacer pre-test.

Understanding the Accuplacer Pre-test

Students appear for pre-tests or practice tests in order to get acquainted with the actual examination. Any good Accuplacer pre-test should have the following features:

  • Practice questions similar to those of the actual test: A good Accuplacer pre-test should consist of multiple-choice questions, which are similar to the actual test. Another important point to remember here is that the Accuplacer is a computer adaptive examination. Hence, the difficulty level of the questions will progressively increase. Moreover, the difficulty level will also increase based on the answers that you provide. For example, if for the first question you provide the correct answer then the second question will be more difficult, in comparison to the first one. The Accuplacer pre-test that you take must take this point into consideration, because then alone will you get a feel of the actual examination.

  • Nature of the questions: The Accuplacer scores will help you analyze the colleges that you should apply to and the subjects, which you can major in. The questions that you will come across in the examination will evaluate your high school knowledge of English (reading and writing) and Mathematics (Arithmetic and Algebra). Thus, the Accuplacer pre-test that you take should also consist of questions of a similar level and aptitude. The questions should also consist of 5 answer options like the actual examination. This alone will be able to simulate the actual question paper and the test like conditions, knowledge of which are essential if you want to succeed in the examination.

  • Mathematics segment of Accuplacer: Most students find the Mathematics section of the Accuplacer to be difficult. Moreover, this segment of the Accuplacer consists of two parts, viz. Elementary Algebra and College-level math. If you want to fare well in the examination then you will have to revise, not only your high school Mathematics topics, but also topics under advanced Algebra (trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, permutation, combination, in-equalties and probability). Thus, ensure that your Accuplacer pre-test provides sufficient importance to all the topics covered under Mathematics, so that you get sufficient amount of practice.

  • English for Accuplacer: The language section of Accuplacer is also equally important. Broadly speaking, here your ability to analyze comprehension passages and your concept of structure of sentences will be examined. Other than that, you will also have to write a coherent and informative essay. While writing the essay ensure that you are able to logically support your ideas and can provide examples to make your essay more interesting. The essay prompts should be such that they are similar to those of the actual test. This will make certain that you get sufficient practice in both reading and writing in English.

  • What do the pre-test results indicate? The Accuplacer pre-test that you take should score your answer script keeping in mind the standard set by Collegeboard. Like the Accuplacer, the pre-tests are also scored the moment you complete the test, ensuring that the results are available immediately. Based on the scores you receive in your pre-tests, you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Many Accuplacer pre-tests will provide a review of the mistakes that you keep on repeating, which consequently will help you identify your weaknesses. Identifying your weakness will help you devise strategies to overcome them. Otherwise, you can even postpone taking the Accuplacer immediately, so that when you do appear for it, you are well-prepared for the test.

The above-mentioned list provides an analysis of not only the features of an Accuplacer pre-test, but also provides reasons as to why you should take one. If you want to know more about such pre-tests then click on the following link:

Points to Remember while taking Accuplacer Pre-tests

Like the link mentioned in the previous section of this article, there are many websites which consist of similar Accuplacer pre-tests. Some of these websites provide these practice tests free of cost, whereas others allow you to take them after you pay the registration fees. However, there are some things which you should remember while choosing an Accuplacer pre-test and they are as follows:

  • Ensure that the sites that are offering such pre-tests are authentic and this is especially true for the paid sites. Read reviews from various student forums regarding Accuplacer pre-tests before you select one. This will help you decide which website you can trust.

  • The Accuplacer pre-test that you take must provide your scores immediately, along with an analysis of your score card. This will help you understand the subjects that you are weak in, which consequently will indicate the subjects you require remedial classes for.

The above-mentioned list will help you identify a good Accuplacer pre-test website, ensuring that you get the feel of the actual examination. Here we have also analyzed the features of a good pre-test and the importance of taking these pre-tests. The Accuplacer is an examination in which you can succeed easily, provided you get sufficient practice. So select an Accuplacer pre-test and start practicing at the earliest.

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