Preparing for ACCUPLACER

5 Essentials of ACCUPLACER Prep

When preparing for the ACCUPLACER, students often get confused about choosing the ideal preparatory option. That is primarily because they are unaware of the essentials of a good preparatory resource. Let us understand the essential elements that any good ACCUPLACER preparatory method must have…

5 Important Elements of ACCUPLACER Prep

Preparation is paramount, if you want to score well in the ACCUPLACER and for that, choosing the best resource is essential. Ensure that the method by which you choose to prepare for the ACCUPLACER has the following elements:

  1. Good course material: The preparatory method, which you choose must provide study materials that cover all the sections of the test. You cannot leave out any topic while preparing for the test and neither can the resource that you choose. The ACCUPLACER consists of multiple-choice questions covering various topics of Mathematics and English. For Mathematics, the method of preparation that you choose must help you revise all that you have studied from grades 7th to 12th. For English, it should help you strengthen your grammatical skills, knowledge of sentence structure and teach you to write coherent essays.

  2. Practice module with an exhaustive answer key: The option that you choose, whether it be classroom sessions or online courses, must provide you with a separate set of study materials, which only consists of sample questions. This practice module will help you understand the nature of the examination. Moreover, the practice material provided must come with an exhaustive answer section providing detailed explanation of the answers.

  3. Provision of CD ROMS: The ACCUPLACER is a computer-based examination and hence, the option that you choose for preparation must get you acquainted with such a format. Thus, even if you enroll in online sessions or classroom courses, ensure that they provide you with CD ROMs that have full-length mock ACCUPLACER tests. If you purchase a study guide (in case you choose to do self-study), make certain it comes with a CD ROM with at least 2 full-length ACCUPLACER tests. This is essential because the ACCUPLACER is a computer adaptive test and hence, in order to ace it you must get acquainted with the nuances of this kind of an examination. The resource that you choose must take this point into account.

  4. Help you identify your strengths and weaknesses: The method of study should help you recognize the topics that you are strong in as well as the mistakes you keep repeating. Once you have identified your weaknesses, the preparatory method should help you overcome them. It should provide you with tips and strategies so that you do not keep repeating the same errors.

  5. Provide student support: This is not applicable for students who want to do self-study. However, if you enroll yourself in an online or a classroom course, ensure that the institute has a dedicated group of teachers who are ready to solve the queries of students and provide them with personal attention. If you are considering hiring a tutor, make certain that he/she is genuinely concerned about your progress and provides all the attention you require.

Choosing a good preparatory method can prove to be tricky, but the above-mentioned list will make the process a little easier.