ACCUPLACER Placement Test

How does ACCUPLACER Act as a Placement Test?

The ACCUPLACER placement test is an exam that is administered for the students in order to measure their college readiness and knowledge of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The results of the test takers are analyzed by the academic counselors and advisors for placing them in suitable courses in the colleges. However, the academic performances of the students and their aims and interests in studies are also taken into account while placing them in appropriate courses. Moreover, the scores of this test are also used to find out the subjects in which the students can excel and those areas or sections of the ACCUPLACER placement test in which they require attention or support.

The ACCUPLACER placement test does not declare passing scores of the test takers. Moreover, there is no restriction of time imposed on the students. However, the aspirants of this test must prepare themselves adequately for taking this test in order to continue their college studies in the fields that are chosen by them.

In what ways can ACCUPLACER be termed as a placement test? Let us find out from the following points below:

  • ACCUPLACER is a placement test as it allows the admission authorities to place the students in their chosen fields by analyzing their scores. It helps the admission authorities to measure the skill level of the students so that the courses chosen by them are at par with their skills.

  • The ACCUPLACER is also a placement test because the students can be placed in their chosen academic fields only after the counselors and advisors assess them in all respects. In short, along with the results of this test, the academic pursuits and keenness of the students is explored before allotting the courses to them.

  • The ACCUPLACER placement test intends to assist the students to find the courses that are suitable for them only if they are able to match the skills that are required for those courses. For instance, a student should score reasonably well in the math section of this test for taking admission in advanced level courses of mathematics. Additionally, it is considered as a placement test as it enables the students to work on their skill levels after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

The following points sum up the sections of ACCUPLACER placement test:

  • Reading Comprehension: In this section of ACCUPLACER placement test, there are 20 questions for measuring the reading skills of the students.

  • Sentence Skills: For measuring the knowledge of the students about a complete sentence structure, there are 20 questions in this section of ACCUPLACER test.

  • Elementary Algebra: This section of ACCUPLACER placement test evaluates the basic knowledge of the students about the concepts for performing basic algebraic problems.

  • Arithmetic: There are 17 questions in this section and explores the basic abilities of the test takers in arithmetic and their expertise in finding solutions to problems that are based on the basic concepts of this subject.

  • College-Level Mathematics: In order to measure the concepts of college-level mathematic, the students are tested on the basis of 20 questions that are asked in this section of ACCUPLACER placement test.

  • Elementary Algebra: This section of ACCUPLACER test measures the basic knowledge of the concepts for working on fundamental algebraic operations.

  • ESL- Sentence Meaning: In this section, there are 20 questions that evaluate the ability of the students to understand the meaning of English sentences.

  • ESL- Reading Skills: In this section, there are 20 questions in this section of ACCUPLACER placement test that measures the reading skills of the students through short comprehension passages.

  • ESL - Language Use: There are 20 questions in this test for assessing the abilities of the students for using perfect grammar.

  • ESL- Listening: In this section of ACCUPLACER test, the questions intend to measure the listening skills of the students from other speakers in a variety of locations.

  • Writer Placer or Essay Writing

The ACCUPLACER placement test consists of multiple-choice questions in all of the sections that are mentioned above except for the essay writing section. By taking this placement test, the students get an opportunity to take their career forward in their chosen fields of academics.

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