Review for ACCUPLACER Math

How to Select an ACCUPLACER Math Review Book?

The ACCUPLACER is an assessment exam that is administered by the College Board and taken by those students who are eager to continue with their college education. Although, the test takers do not have to attain passing scores in this test, the scores obtained by them should reflect their competencies in the subjects that are tested in this exam. In fact, the score obtained by an applicant is analyzed by the academic advisors and counselors in order to help the test taker choose a course that aligns with his/her skill level.

The questions in the test are based on Reading, Writing and Mathematics and follow the multiple-choice format except the essay writing section. As far as Math section in ACCUPLACER is concerned, there are three broad categories consisting of varied topics. Therefore, the aspirants of this test need to consolidate their preparation for the math section in order to answer the questions with confidence.

The review book for Math is considered as an excellent source of preparation for attempting the questions of mathematics because it consists of assessment and analysis that allow the students to move ahead with a focused approach. Since Math is a comprehensive section, the test takers must follow the review section of the study materials of mathematics. This is important because consulting the review book enables the candidates of this test to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in an appropriate manner and follow a meticulous approach while preparing for mathematics.

The Math section consists of three sections that are summed up in the following points:

  • Elementary Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • College - Level Math

How to choose a review book for Math? Let us explore the options in the following points:

  • The review section of the study guides of Math should cover all the topics of test-related Mathematics and the contents should be reliable.

  • A review book consists of the questions of previous years although not very old. Ideally, the questions of last five years must be included in the review section with detailed analysis and answer explanations.

  • While the study guides act as review books, there are a variety of review materials that can be obtained from online resources. At the same time, it is necessary for the students to confirm the credibility of those resources before using those review materials for preparation.

  • The test takers of the previous years must be consulted for obtaining the best reviews on mathematics. This is one of the most authentic sources of Math review.

  • The review books of Math should not only focus on the questions that are asked in this test; it should also contain the techniques that are to be followed by the students to enhance their scores in the math section of the test.

  • The basic objective of consulting a review book for Math is to obtain an all round guidance on this subject.

  • The topics of the review book must be based on extensive research instead of mundane materials that are available in various other resources including the internet.

The aspirants of this test must try to follow the parameters that have been stated in the points that are mentioned above for enhancing their performances in the math section of the test. This is of utmost importance because the scores obtained by the students in mathematics will determine their possibilities for pursuing studies in their chosen fields.

The review books for Math consist of time tested and proven strategies for obtaining valid scores in this section of the test.