3 Reasons Why you Should Take ACCUPLACER

The ACCUPLACER exam is a group of tests that are computer-adaptive and administered for those students, who are preparing themselves for admission into college level courses. The objective of this test is to assess the skills and abilities of the students in each subject that is tested in this exam. Besides this, the ACCUPLACER exam also intends to find out the potency and the limitations of the candidates in these subjects and provides assistance to those students for improving their abilities through correlative online aids.

The academic advisors and counselors use the scores of ACCUPLACER exam along with the academic performances of the students, their academic pursuits, and their keenness in studies for finding the courses that are suitable for them and correspond with their skills.

The ACCUPLACER exam consists of multiple-choice questions in the following sections of the test:

  • Arithmetic
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • College-Level Mathematics
  • Elementary Algebra
  • ESL - Sentence Meaning
  • ESL - Reading Skills
  • ESL - Language Use
  • ESL - Listening

The section, which is called Writer Placer, measures the essay writing skills of the students and does not contain multiple-choice questions. The ACCUPLACER exam does not follow the restrictions of time except for the Writer Placer section that may have some time constraints that is based on the rules of the institution. Additionally, there are no passing scores declared for the group of tests although the students must try to perform well in order to prove their competence to the test authorities. The number of questions that are asked in this test varies as there could be 12 to 40 questions that the students may have to answer.

What are the three main reasons for which ACCUPLACER exam should be taken by the students? Let us find them in the points that are mentioned below:

  1. The ACCUPLACER tests provide a framework and criteria for the students, who are eager about their academic pursuits in college. In other words, this exam is an excellent option for the students to study in college in the fields of their choice. The scores or the results of this test determine the course in which a student can be enrolled.

  2. The ACCUPLACER exam is a platform based on which the students get an opportunity to prove their aptitude and proficiency and allow the advisors and academic counselors to choose the best course that suits their abilities. Thus, taking this exam is important for avoiding the mistakes in choosing a career or a field of study. Instead of being in the wrong academic field in which a student cannot excel, appearing in this exam paves the way for the test takers to be in a suitable field as far as college-level courses are concerned.

  3. The format of ACCUPLACER tests is extremely fair and favorable for the students when it comes to proving their expertise in all the sections of this test. Since ACCUPLACER is a computer-based test, the questions in this exam are asked according to the responses of the students in each section. For instance, if a student responds to a difficult question in a particular section, the next question that is asked to him/her is difficult than the previous one. Similarly, if the student is unable to respond to that question, he/she is given an easy question.

The ACCUPLACER exam is an important ground for testing the abilities of the students and their flair for the areas that are covered in this exam. By taking this test, the students get a favorable opportunity not only to study in college, but also in their chosen fields. Moreover, it is an encouraging medium as it enables the students to work on their existing skills for obtaining better opportunities while choosing the college-level courses.

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