Arithmetic Test of ACCUPLACER

5 Prep Sources for ACCUPLACER

When you prepare for the ACCUPLACER examination, you will find that the Arithmetic section of the test requires a lot practice and hence, you need to select a good preparatory resource that provides you with the much needed practice. Let us learn about some of the prep sources for the arithmetic test...

What are the Common Methods or Sources of Preparation for Accuplacer Arithmetic?

Choosing a suitable method of preparation for the arithmetic test depends primarily on you and your requirements. However, some of the common methods of preparation from which you can choose one are as follows:

  1. Self-study: This method of preparing for the test is best suited for candidates, who are confident about preparing for the test on their own and do not require any external help. If you want to do self-study for the arithmetic test, ensure that you have purchased good guide books. These books should help you understand the topics for the Arithmetic section of the ACCUPLACER as well as provide you with sufficient practice.

  2. Online practice tests: This is also similar to self-study, but instead of purchasing books you should go online and check websites that provide practice modules, similar to the arithmetic test. Some of the websites provide the practice tests free of cost, whereas others will charge you certain amount of registration fees, in order to access their practice modules. However, before you make any payments, ensure that the website that you choose is an authentic one and that the practice questions it provides are similar to those of the actual test. Check out the following link for some online practice tests:

  3. Online courses: If you are not confident about preparing for the test on your own, you can enroll in an online course. The online courses are ideal for students who have time and travel constraints. Nevertheless, before enrolling in an online course, it is a good idea to check out a few students’ forums and find out which institute provides a good preparatory course on ACCUPLACER. While choosing a course find out whether they provide online classes or the exact method in which they intend to instruct students. You should also find out the kind of student support that the online courses provide and then select one that caters to your requirements. The following link will help you gain an insight into an online course:

  4. Classroom sessions: Most colleges of the USA hold ACCUPLACER training courses and if you require specifically arithmetic test preparation; then you should consult your local college regarding this. Check out some of the colleges in your neighborhood and find out which one provides good training for the Arithmetic section of the ACCUPLACER. If more than one college in your neighborhood holds ACCUPLACER training classes, you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you. The following link will help you understand the features of a classroom course:

  5. Hiring a tutor: This is ideal for students who require personal help and guidance. If you feel that you need to hire a tutor, because you cannot prepare for the test without personal guidance, then you should ensure that the tutor you hire is dedicated and genuinely concerned about your progress. Moreover, the positive factor about hiring a tutor is that he/she will not be distracted by other students, as in a classroom situation and will be able to give you undivided attention.

The above-mentioned list provides an insight into the common methods of preparation for the Arithmetic test.