Algebra Test in ACCUPLACER

5 Things You Need to Know About Accuplacer Algebra Test

The Mathematics section of the ACCUPLACER comprises 3 sub-segments, one of which is Elementary Algebra. If you want to fare well in the Mathematics section of the test then you must make certain that you answer the questions in algebra, to the best of your abilities. In order to ensure that, the following section of this article will discuss some of things that you must take into account while preparing for the test.

Points to Remember While Preparing for Accuplacer Elementary Algebra

The algebra test in ACCUPLACER is an effort by the CollegeBoard to evaluate the knowledge of Algebra that you have acquired in your high school years. So while preparing for the test, ensure that you remember the following points:

  1. What is the syllabus? To make certain that you prepare for the algebra test in an organized manner, you must have a thorough understanding of the topics on which the questions will be formulated. The Elementary Algebra sub-section comprises problems involving equations (linear, simultaneous and quadratic), numbers (polynomials, monomials and imaginary), in-equalities, exponents, roots and factorizations. In order to solve the problems, you will have to apply one or more Algebraic formulas.

  2. What is the nature of the question paper? Like the other sub-segments of Mathematics, the Algebra sub-section also comprises of multiple-choice questions. You will have to solve a total of 17 questions in the Elementary Algebra sub-section. Since the entire ACCUPLACER is a computer adaptive examination, the difficulty level of the questions that you will come across in the Elementary Algebra sub-section will progressively increase based on the answers you provide.

  3. What is the time allotted? There is no specific time limit to solve the Elementary Algebra sub-section and that is so because the ACCUPLACER is not a timed examination. However, you will be able to solve each question in the test in 1.5 minutes and can complete the examination within a reasonable time limit of say, 90 minutes.

  4. What is the scoring system? The score you receive in the algebra test is a part of the total score that you receive for the Mathematics section. Other than that, a separate score and a percentile rank (corresponding to the score), are also reported for the Elementary Algebra sub-section. The percentile rank is calculated by taking into account your score and the performance of other candidates taking a similar examination.

  5. How to prepare for the Algebra test? The questions that you will come across in the Elementary Algebra sub-section will be based on topics, which were a part of your Mathematics curriculum from grades 7th to 10th. So the best method to prepare for this sub-segment of the ACCUPLACER is to revise all that you have studied under Algebra, in your high-school and practice solving similar questions.

The above-mentioned list points out some of the things that you should take into account while preparing for algebra.